Package of Practices for Cultivation of Aloe

Package of Practices for Cultivation of Aloe

Local Name               :           Kumari, Korphad

Botanical Name        :            Aloebarbadensis Mill
                                            Aloe vera Linn.


Because of stiff, rugged and harsh habit they are grown in desert and dry situations. Grows well in hot and dry climate.


It grows well on variety of soils, light, muram, loam, black, hill slopes, sea coasts, desert areas etc.


One shallow ploughing followed by harrowing to bring the soils to fine tilth. Mix 5-20 cart loads of FYM in soil. This will facilitate better moisture holding capacity improve soil texture and structure.

Propagation: Through suckers.


60 x 45 sq. cm (between rows and between plants) in flat beds or by opening ridges 60 cm apart.


Onset of monsoon is the best time for planting of Aloe. The crop can be planted through out the year under irrigated conditions. The planting with 60 x 45 sq.crn will require 14800 – 15000 suckers / acre.


The crop should be kept weed free. Suckers planted in flat beds should be supported at the bottom with adjoining soil.


Lighter, soils should be fertilized with compound fertilizer @ 50 kg N + 25 Kg P + 25 kg K per hectare in order to facilitate good growth of the crop.


During rainy season there is no heed to irrigate the crop, however, during summer crop should be irrigated with an interval of 15 days.


Appearance of black brown spot can be well controlled by any sulphur containing insecticides.


The leaves can be harvested after 10-12 months of planting. Cut the leaves with sharp sickle close to the sem. Keep the cut leaves for some time till the viscous gel from the cut end dries up. Then collect the leaves for packing.


One year old plant will produce approximately 3-4 kg leaves. It means 40-45 tons of leaves can be harvested from 1 acre planting.


As per the contract Aloe leaves can be sold @ Rs. 2.50 to 3.00 per kg.


Korphadgel: Rs. 200 – 250 per kg,

Korphad Powders: 6000 ~ 8000 per kg

Kalagol : Rs. 80-100 per kg

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