Package of Practices for Growing Aster

Package of Practices for Growing Aster

B.N: Callistophus chinensis

Family: Compositae


It is one of the winter flowering annual which is growth in India on large scale for bedding and potting purposes It is also popular as a cut flower due to its prolonged vase life.

Soil and Climate:

It requires well drained fertile soil, It grows best in sunny situation but very high temperature, excessive rainfall and very cold temperature at the time of flowering may result into poor yield.


American beauty, American branching Ostrich feather, Los-angels, Star dust, Crego.

Propagation: By seed

Seed Rate: “800 to 1000 gms/ha.

Rasing of Seedling and Transplanting:

Seeds are sown in a raised bed during Sept –Oct. and waters regularly. Seedlings will be ready within 3 months for transplanting. The seedlings are transplanted in a bed at the spacing of 30*30cm or 30*45 cm.

Nutritional Requirements:

While preparing the land 15 – 20 tonnes of FYM is thoroughly mixed with soil, N, P, K per ha is applied @100 kg N: 200 kg P: 75 kg K. 1/2 dose of NPK is mixed with soil at the time of preparation of land while 1/2 dose one month after transplanting of seedlings.

Harvestion of Flowers:

It starts flowering 2-3 months after transplanting. Flowers are plucked with stalk. The fully opened flowers with stalk are tied in a bundle of 6 or 12 and send to market.


10-12 thousand kg flowers / hectare.
16-20 lakh of cut flowers.

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