Package of Practices for Growing Crossandra

Package of Practices for Growing Crossandra

B. N: Crossandra undulaefolia

Family: Acanthaceae, Crossandra quineensis,c.  mucronata,c.  subacanties

It is an important commercial flower mainly grown in India, tropical Africa, and Madaga sar (Barley, 1963).

It is mainly used for hair adornment.  Though not fragrant the flowers are very popular because of its attractive, bright colour, light weight and good keeping quality.  These are used for making garland, either alone or in combination with Jasmine flowers.

Soil and Climate:

It requires well drained and rich soil with O.M. alkaline or saline soils are not suitable because plant develops deficiency symptoms showing chlorosis.

It is a tropical plant and cannot tolerate low temperature and frost.  It grows well in places where temperature is around 30oC.


Seed or cuttings under mist.


Dolhi cultivar is triploid (2n = 30).
Orange, Lutea yollow trtroploid (2n = 40)
Research at T.N.A.U. is going on.

Spacing: 3060 cm partial shade is necessary.

Fertilizers:  First application of fertilizers should be done in 50-60 days after planting.  25 tonnes FYM/ha, 50 kg of urea + 100 kg of super phosphate + 50 to 60 kg of Muriate of potash per ha twice at an interval of 6 months.

Flowering: Commences from 2-3 months after planting and continue throughout the year.

Yield:  15000/in one kg.  500 to 700 kg per ha.
Flowers yield increases as the plants grow more number of laterals.

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