Pest and Diseases of Rose

Pest and Diseases of Rose

1. Aphids : These appear in winter months on leaves and flower buds.   They suck the cell sap 3nd weaken the plant.

Control: This pest can be controlled by spraying 1 % Matathion.

2. Chafer Beetles : The adults of these beetles appeaY in August — September and cut the leaves.

Control : These can be controlled by dusting 5% BHC.

3) Dieback : A serious disease of roses and appears after pruning. The drying up and blackening of pruned shoots start from tip downwards.

Control: For effective control, the pruned cut end should be painted with fungicide paint.

4.  Black Spot : This disease appears in November. Conspicuous circular black spots with fringed margins appear on eitiier side of leaves. Leaves dry prematurely and drop.

Control: Spraing 0.2 % Captan at 15 days interval controls the disease.

5.  Powdery Mildew : Young growing shoots and leaves are covered with white powdery growth and infected leaves drop.

Control: It can be checked by spraying 01 % Karathana.

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