Pests and Diseases of Coffee

Pests and Diseases of Coffee

1) Coffee White Borer:

Swabbing of coffee stems with 50%.BHC-WP @ 3 kg in 180 liters of water in April and Get.

2) Cock Chafer :

Treatment with Endosulpan.

3) Green Bug:
i) Brown eve spot verespora caffeicola Spray nursery stock 0.4% Captan and young plant with 1 % B .M. in April-May and Sept-Oct. 

ii) Diaback – Celletotrichum coffeaenum Glomerella angulatat.


a) Cleaning of infested branches & Burning.
b) Spraying B.M,


iii) Pink disease.
iv) Damping off.
v)   Leaf spot
vi)  Leaf rust – Hemileiavastrairix

First recorded in 1870. The loss varied from 50 to 60%

Symptoms :

Leaves are affected, but young branches and fruits are also sometimes affected. Orange yellow spots on lower surface of leaves and corresponding brown spots on the upper surface.


1. Two sprays of 0.5%A B.M. before onset of monsoon and after monsoon.
2.  Use of resistant varieties.

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