Planting and Selection of Plants for Orchard

Planting and Selection of Plants for Orchard


After planting and layout an orchard planting is carried out. before  planting pits are dugged  out at required spacing and pits are filled with F.Y.M leaf mold ,fertilizer while planting the tree which are bugged and graft  joint should be inside the pits or covered with wet stile otherwise infections starts form bud joint. During rainy session there should not be stagnation of water in the pits where as during summer young’s plants must be protected from high sunshine. Regular management practices must be followed for proper growth of plants.

Selection of Plants:

Careful selection of plant is necessary. The plants should be of good parentage, should have been propagated on right root stock, should  be free from pests and diseases, should have a healthy bark, should have a robust and vigorous look and the bud or graft joint of medium sized plant with healthy and normal growth with well placed branches all round is the best.

The age of trees at plating is also important. Older plants are not therefore preferable. It is better to plant within one year of grafting or budding and one year old plants with are 2 to 3 feet in height should be selected.

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