Points for Presenting Radio Talk

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Points for Presenting Radio Talk

1. Be yourself feel free and easy in front microphone. Remove the mechanical fear so that you will feel and it will help in building confidence.

2. Just talk to the people an not read, speak naturally, do not spend any time or worrying about your voice down to the room level as if conserving with any of your friend.

3. Observe milk manner. Turn aside from mike if you have to cough or clear your throats try to avoid noisy breathing.

4. Speed should be normal.

5. There should be up and down in the voice never speak in same tone. It will loose the interest of the audience.

6. Report the sentence to stress the important point.

7. Be enthusiastic put smile in your voice and take with pleasant enthusiasm.

8. Give personal touch, reference human interest, etcto the talk.

9. It the end summarizes the while programme in time.

10. Complete the while programme in time.s

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