Potato Storage

Potato Storage

Potatoes are stored by – 1) Pit storage 2) Cold storage method.

I. Pit Storage (Aran method) :

1. The pits of size 3 m x 1.5m x 45 cm are dug in cool and shady place, usually under big tree.
2. Eater is let into the pit and allowed to soak overnight.
3. The bottom and sides are smoothened and allowed to dry for two days.
4. It is lined from inside with Neem leaves or dried grass or sugarcane trash.
5. Potatoes are treated with some powdery insecticide to avoid the attack of tuber moth and heaped in the pit upto about 60 cm above the ground level.
6. Then it is covered with 30 cm layer of Neem leaves or dry grass or trash.
7. Trenches are made all around the pits and water is let into it from time to time keep down the temperature of pits.
8. Thatches are made over the pits to protect from rain and sun.
9. The bamboo chimneys may be placed inside the pit for facilitating the evaporation of the moisture deposited due to transpiration of the stored tubers.
10. This method is locally know as ‘Aran’ system and potatoes can be stored for 3 to 5 months.

II. Cold Storage:

1. It is the best method of storing potatoes with minimum loss in weight and long term storage.
2. In cold storage fully matured and healthy potatoes are stored at temperature between 1.50C to 50C with 75 to 80% humidity.
3. Potatoes are stored well for aboutone year at 1.50C temperature and for about 30 to 36 weeks at 50C temperature.
4. The loss in weight during storage was about 5% after 5 months at 50C and 9 months at 1.50C.
5. The loss in weight is more if potatoes are stored immediately after harvesting so, should be kept in shade for one week after harvesting and then stored.

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