Preparation of Candy

Preparation of Candy

A fruit impregnated with cane sugar and glucose and subsequently drained and dried is called “Candied Fruit.” Tuti Fruiti is a candy like product prepared from raw papaya.


Raw papaya, Sugar, Citric Acid, Peeling knife, Cutting knife, Coring knife, etc.

Procedure of Preparation of Candy:

Raw papaya fruits were selected. After washing, the fruits were peeled, cut into two halves and seeds removed. The halves were cut into uniform size bits (0.9 X 0.9 X 0.7 cm) and boiled in water ( 1:2 ratio) for 5-10 minutes and cooled in cold water.

Sugar, amounting to half the weight of the prepared fruit was placed in alternate layers and allowed for 24 hours. On next day, half the sugar of preveious is added to raise the T.S.S ( Total Soluble Solid) and cooked. During final cooking , remaining sugar and 1% Citric acid were added.

The syrup was finally drained and the Tuti –Fruiti was dried in air at room temperature.

Important Hints of Preparation of Candy:

1. The period of boiling should not be prolonged as the finished product becomes too soft and may loose their texture.

2. The process of impregnation with sugar must not be hurried through because otherwise , the fruit would shrivel.

3. The finished product shall be translucent and not hard or granular.

4. Product shall have a good flavour and shall be free from burnt or any other objectionable flavour.

5. The percentage of total sugar W/W shall not less than 70 and reducing sugar 25.

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