Preparation of Radio Scripts

Preparation of Radio Scripts

Radio script should be prepared in such a way that listener should feel that somebody is talking with him in a friendly manner and with informal style. For this purpose:

1. Collect the material from your experience.

2. Keep the purpose of the script and audience in mind.

3. Decide the method of presentation of information.

4. Considering the time available for the talk, the script should be prepared. Generally we talk two words per seconds and 8 to 10 lines are required per minute having 5-6 words per sentences.

5. Time for talk is always limited hence select one idea at a time never include maximum technical information in the script.

6. Arrange the information in the sequences.

7. Include supporting and illustrated facts.

8. See that audience can understand your talk, for that use short an simple sentence, familiar words and personal words like I we, You.

9. Never use statistical table in a dialogue.

10. In the interview do not frame such question of which the audience known the answer.

11. Repeat where ever necessary to emphasis the important points.

12. At the end summaries the main point.

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