Present System of Education and Its Utility for Indian Rural Society

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Present System of Education and Its Utility for Indian Rural Society

The present system of education is more or less futile for the Indian villages. It has no relevance to Indian life, much or less to the rural life. If it has to suit the needs of the rural society, it shall have to be-organized and change in many respects. The defects and drawbacks of the present system of education are discussed below:

1. Impractical and Expensive:

The present system of education is impractical and too are based on bookish knowledge. It has no relationship and with the objectives of the society and the life. It does not teach the young boys and girls, the ways through which they can earn their livelihood.

2. While it lacks practical utility, it is very expensive; it is beyond the means of poor people to acquire education. The education facilities are more expensive and it is not possible for ordinary people to afford it. Villagers are very poor and the present day education is much beyond their reach.

3. No Relevance to the Interest of the Students:

The present system of education is neither interested nor aptitude oriented. Only that education can be effective, useful and helpful which is based on the interest and the aptitude of the children. From this point of view, the Indian education is not at all useful for the needs of the Indian rural society.

4. Low Standard and Defective Examination System:

The education system today is of very low standard. It means that the education Institution side not has all the equipments that are required for proper education. Therefore, the boys are not able to take full advantage of the education facilities that exists.

5. The examination system which is most important aspect of the present day education is also defective. It is neither an effective method of evaluating the competence of the education nor does it provide an opportunity to the child to go through his studies in scientific manner. Rural society needs a system of education which can be indigenous and which should provide for the need of the rural people. All these things are lacking form the Indian system of education.

6. Lack of Facilities for Education: In rural society, there is dearth of facilities for education. There are no institutions nor there any arrangement through which the people can be educated. Whatever education facilities are available is less in preparation to the requirements of the people.

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