Problems in Rural Development

Problems in Rural Development

As we know the 60-70% of rural population in India lives in primitive conditions.  This sorry state exists even after 60 years of independence.  So that Rural Development programmes have urgency in the present condition also.  There are many obstacles in the rural development programmes which are as under
1. In 21st Century, there is no electricity supply in many villages.

2. Now also many rural peoples using primitive methods of cooking, living and farming and they have trust on these methods.

3. By using primitive cook stoves, around 300,000 death / year takes plan due to pollution.

4. 54% of India’s population is below 25 years and most of them live in rural areas with very little employment opportunities.

5. Literacy is the major problem in rural development programme.

6. The poor extension linkage causes slow growth of rural development.

7. Untrained, unskilled, inexperienced staff in extension linkage cannot provide satisfactory help to rural peoples.

8. Every one want to go to the cities, so that rural people’s remains as ignores part by the policy makers also.

9. Privatization concept is useful for rural development but, government not praying much attention to this aspect.

10. Policy makes prepared policies, programmes for betterment of rural people but, if these programmes are not implemented very well then have no used.

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