Processing of Black Pepper, Green Pepper and White Pepper

Processing of Black Pepper, Green Pepper and White Pepper

a) Black Pepper:

1. Harvesting at fully matured stage when any one berry in the cluster shows scarlet red colour.
2. Harvested berries are collected in bamboo baskets or muslim cloth and dipped in boiling water for 7 minutes. This is called blanching which helps to restore black colour of berries.
3. Berries dried without blanching, result in development of brownich colour to some berries. This gives impression of adulteration and results in low price. 
4. Alter blanching, berries are sun dried oh a mat in a clean and dry place for
4 -7 days.
5. Berries are separated from the clusters by hand picking or by trampling under clean feet.
6. Berries are then separated by winnowing and packed iii airtight containers. Moisture content should be less than 12 % while packing.
7. Recovery of black; pepper from fresh berries is abdut 35 to 35%.

b) White Pepper:
1. Fully ripe / over ripe berries are selected.
2. They are crushed lightly, filled m muslin bag and are Soaked in slowly’   flowing water for 7-10 days, which helps in decomposition of berry skin.
3. The skin is removed by rubbing the berries in sieves.
4. After removal of skin, the berries are washed and are sun- dried iot3 4 days to get white pepper.
5. Recovery of white pepper is about 28, % of fresh ripe berries.

c) Green Pepper:

Green canned pepper is preferred in European countries. Heat sterilization of green berries is done and packing is done in cans in 2% brine solution. Tri bottled process,, heating is avoided but a higher salt, concentration of 15to 20% as a covering liquid is done for good preservation.

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