Propagation of Cashew Nut

Propagation of Cashew Nut

Cashew being a highly cross pollinated fruit crop, the plantation raised through seedlings does not breed true to type and variation is observed in growth habit and yield.

Seed Propagation:

The seed should be collected from selected mother trees possessing desirable attributes like compect conopy, more branching, a high percentage of flower bearings, a large proportion of bisexual flower, more than 5 fruits per panicle, shorter lowering and fruiting period, bold size nuts etc the fully matured nuts of current season are preferred for sowing: The best period for collection seed nuts is Feb. to April. Seeds are dried in Sun for 3-5 days before sowing.

Seeds are viable upto 4 months. The seeds are soaked in cold water over night before sowing for early germination.

Pits of 13 size are dug in the month of April/May at 8×8 m spacing. Before planting the pits should be filled with well rotten compost Planting is done in the month of -first week of June. 2-3 seeds/pit should be sown. Seeds germinate in about 15-20 days. The newly germinated seedlings should be sprayed with’0.1% carbaryl to control thrips and 1% weeks interval. One good plant should % estimated at one-spot for 10-12 weeks when plant attains a height of .15-20 cm.

Vegetative Propagation:

Cashew can be propagated by different methods of vegetative propagation. Soft wood grafting is the best method suitable for almost all cashew growing stages in India.

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