Properties and Function of Herbicide – Atrazine

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Properties and Function of Herbicide – Atrazine


(2 Chloro, 4 Ethylamino – 6 Isopropyl amino – S Triazine)

Non selective at higher rates (5 – 2kg/ha) selective on corn and milo at low rates.
Doses: 1 to 4 kg/ha.
10 to 15 kg a.i. / ha as seasonal soil sterilent.


Pre-emergence or early post-emergence, absorbed through roots and translocated to other parts of the plants solid and soluble in water, cthyl ether and methanon and chloroform.  It is observed for use in corn, sugarcane, sweet corn and chemical fallow. Since it is more soluble than Simazine. It is more useful in areas of low rain fall.

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