Properties and Function of Herbicide – Copper Sulphate

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Properties and Function of Herbicide – Copper Sulphate

Copper Sulphate (CuSo4 5H2O): Used as algaecide.

Dose    :  1 ppm, in flowing water 1 kg per cubic feet applied for 20 minutes.  In static water 1-2 kg per acre feet of water.  Applied in water for control of algac in ponds, lakes rice fields, streams, ditches and water supplied.  It is crystalline solid or blue color.

Formulations   : Water soluble material.

Dalapon         : 2, 2 Dichioropropionic acid. It is selective. Translocated herbide.

Dose             : 5 – 10 kg/ha.

Application pre and post emergence treatment.The chemical is take up through foliage and roots.  It is solid, non – volatile, kills all annual and perennial grasses. E.g. Cynodon dactylon.
Formulation – Soluble powder.

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