Purpose and Achievement of Plant Introduction Method of Breeding

Purpose and Achievement of Plant Introduction Method of Breeding

Purpose / Object of Plant Introduction:

i) To obtain an entirely new crop plants E.g. Maize, potato, tobacco, soybean, gobhi, Sarson (Brassica napus).
ii) To serve as new varieties. E.g. Sonara-64, Lerma Rojo, TN-1, IR-8 , IR-26.
iii) To be used in crop improvement is introduced material is subjected to hybridization. E.g  Pusa Ruby.
iv)To save the crop from disease and pests. E.g. Coffee was introduced to South America from Africa to prevent from leaf rust.
v) For scientific studies. The introduced material is used for studies or biosystematics evolution and origin of plant species.
vi) For arsthetic value: Ornamental shrubs and lawns grasses are introduced to satisfy the tired human being and are used for decoration.

Achievement of Plant Introduction:

In India introduced materials have been used directly as varieties, released as a varieties as a varieties after selection or used in hybridization programme. Some of the achievements of introduction are:

I) New Crop Species:

The crop introduced in India includes Potato, Maize, Chilli, coffee. Hevea rubber, guava, grape, papaya, soybean, Jojoba.

II) Directly Released as Varieties:

Semi dwarf wheat varieties, sonara-64 and lerma Rajo introduced from Mexico. TN-1 rice variety introduced from Tawan and other varieties IR-8, IR-28 and IR-36 introduced from IRRI Philippines, Bonnevilla- pea, Rice, Wheat from Australia.

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