Quality of Wheat

Quality of Wheat

1. Physical Quality:

The wheat grain should be amber coloured, bold, longwish-oval in shape and lustrous.

2. Nutritional Quality:

Wheat grain contains proteins, starch, fat, minerals and vitamins. But the nutritional quality is judged on the basis of protein content wheat grains and classified as low protein (> 8% protein), medium protein (8 to 12% protein) and high protein (< 12%

3. Milling Quality:

The milling quality is judged by the easiness in milling and yield of flour obtained after milling.

4. Chapatee Making Quality:

The flour should be medium strong and have a high water absorbing capacity. The dough should be non sticky, pliable,, elastic and extensible. While baking chapatee should puff fully and taste sweetish.

5. Bread Making Quality:

The flour should have a high water absorbing capacity and the dough must be of good elasticity and stability. After baking it should produce loaf of a large volume, good internal crumb, structure, golden brown crust.

6. Biscuits Making Quality:

For biscuits flour should be soft and weak or pliable but non elastic.

7. Rawa or Suji Making Quality:

 The hard wheat is more suitable for rawa or suji because of their strong gluten.

8. Straw Quality:

The straw should be soft and palatable.

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