Rabi Oilseed Crops

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Rabi Oilseed Crops

India has largest area about 19 million hectares and production (about 13 million tons) of oil seeds in the world.

They play an important role in Indian agricultural economy as second major crop group (next to cereals) occupying 11% of the total cropped area and 9% of the production.

Importance of Oilseed Crops in Indian Farming:

1. Oilseed crops can be grown in all kinds of soil and climate.
2. They are included in crop rotation with millets and pulses.
3. They are valuable cash crops and source of foreign exchange.
4. They provide raw material for many industries like soaps, paints, lubricants, varnishes etc.
5. They contribute edible oil (fats) and vanspati ghee to humen diet.
6. Edible oil cakes are fed to cattle, while non-edible cakes are used as manure and as vermicide against termites.
7. They provide non edible oil for industries and for making bio-insecticides.
8. The crops like groundnut being legumes helps to maintain the soil fertility and reduce the cost of preparatory tillage for next crop.
9. The crops like castor and sesamum can be grown on bund which gives additional income to farmer.
10. The crop like safflower being thorny is sown as border crop to protect main crop from grazing cattle’s.

Rabi Oil Seeds Crops:

1. Safflower (Kardi, Kusum)
2. Linsedd (Jawas, Alshi)
3. Rape (Sarson)
4. Mustard (Rai, Mohori)

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