Remedies to Control Unfruitfulness

Remedies to Control Unfruitfulness

1) Evolutionary Factors:

Unfruitfulness due to evolutionary factors is mainly associated with pollination, following fertilization and by ensuring the cross pollination in such plants fruit set can be achieved or unfruiliulness can be avoided to some extent and thus promo of pollens can be effected in several ways

i) Hangmg or tymg wire netted basket containing pollenizer’s .flower at different places in the orchard. Pollination of smayrna fig with soporifics is effected in this manner.

ii) Shoots of pollenizer’s plants can be top worked on the orchard trees. These can serve permanently as polientison.

iii) Pollenizers trees may be interplanted in the orchard/in suitable numbers in different pockets.  10% of male plants of papaya is required for Hood fruit set.

iv) Rearing of honeybees colony will be effective for transfer of poleis.

Genetic Factors:

Some varieties are sterile, self unfruitful cross sterile, in such cases block of other varieties which provide compatible pollens should be established.

Physiological Factors:

i) By application of plant growth regulator growth rate of pollen tube in toe style can be enhanced.

ii) By maintaining the proper nutritive health of the plant and attending CCC/NN ratio, will produce optimum fruitfulness.
iii) Special horticultural practices like bahar treatments ringing .may improve fruit set by bringing the plant in CCC / NN ratio.

External Factors:

i) Timely application of manures and fertilizers with adequate quantities will improve the health of the plant and ultimately retention of fruits.

ii) The varieties which are suitable to particular climate may be grown.

iii) Wind breaks should be planted on south – west side of orchard to protect the plant from high wind velocity with high temperature and low humidity. This will avoid-the drying of stigmatic fluid and shedding of flowers and fruits.

iv) Cloudy weather, low temperature fig .and. high humidity, are the conditions favorable for breeding of certain pest and spread of certain diseases. Timely control of pest and diseases during this period may protect toe plant from low fit. set or failure of crop.

v) Excessive moisture supply, deficient moisture supply or fluctuating moisture at the critical stage of flowering and fruit set may try toe crop into failure one hence adequate and timely irrigation frequencies be maintain to regulate moisture supply.

vi) Deep ploughing at flowering be avoided for obtaining good fruit set.Priming is necessary in fig. Grape, phalsa for obtaining good fruit set.

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