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Reproduction in Fungi


Reproduction is the formation of new individuals having typical characters of the species fungi reproduce by spores. Spore is an unit of reproductions.

Asexual Reproduction:

It is also known as somatic or vegetative reproduction and does not involve the union of two nucleus or sex organs.

Methods of Asexual Reproduction:

1. By fragmentation of soma or cell sap or hyphae
2. Binary fission
3. Budding
4. Production of spores

Sexual Reproduction:

Union of two nuclei or gametes of opposite sex a gamete is unisexual. i.e. haploid.

Methods of Sexual Reproduction:

a. Planogamtic Copulation
b. Gametangial Contact
c. Gametangial Copulation
d. Spermatization
e. Somatogamy
f. Heterokaryasis
g. Dikaryotization.

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