Role and Goal of Seed Technology in Crop Production

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Role and Goal of Seed Technology in Crop Production

Role of Seed Technology:

Feistritzer (1975) outlined the few roles of improved seed.

1. Seed – a carrier of new technologies.
2. Seed – a basic tool for secured food supply.
3. Seed – The principle means to secure crop yields in less favorable production areas.
4. Seed – a medium for rapid rehabilitation of agriculture in case of natural disaster.

1. A carrier of new technologies:

The introduced of quality seed of new verities and combined with other inputs significantly increased yield level e.g. in cereals, yield increased up to 112%, in potato –  24% & sugar beet – 142% in U. S. A. & central Europe.

In India the cultivation of high yielding verities have helped to increase food production from 52 million tones (1947) to nearly 200 million tones in 2000-2001

2. A basic tool for secured food supply:

The successful implementation of the high yield verities programme in India has led to a remarkable increase the production.

As a result, food imports from other countries have been substantially brought down in spite of the rapid population increase.

3. The principle means to secure crop yield in less favorable area of production:

The supply of good quality seed of improved verities, suitable to these areas is one of the crops. Immediate contribution that seed technology can make to secure higher crop yield

Goals of Seed Technology:

The measure role of seed technology is to increase agriculture production through the spread of good quality seed of high yielding verities.

1. Rapid Multiplication:

Increase in agricultural production through quickest spread of new verities developed (released) by the plant breeders.

2. Timely supply:

The improve seeds of new verities must be made available well in time, so that farmer is planned planting schedule (or showing time) without disturbed. They are able used good seed for planning (sowing) purpose

3. Assured high quality of seeds:

Is necessary to obtain the expected dividends from the use of sees of improved verities

4. Reasonable price:

The cost of high quality seed should be within reach of the average farmer.

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