Role of Seed Technology

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Role of Seed Technology

The role of Improved Seed Technology is Given Below:

1) Improved Seed is Carrier of New Technology:

Introduction of quality seed of new varieties wisely combined with other inputs significantly increases the yield level. In India cultivation of high yielding introduced dwarf wheat varieties helped to increases the production from 12 million tones making country self sufficient with in span of 10 years.

2) Improved Seed is Basic Tool for Secured Food Supply:

Due to successful implementation of high yielding variety programme in India crop productivity is significantly increased as a result import is substantially reduced. The export is increasing in majority of crops in spite of rapid population increase.

3) Improved Seed is a Principal Means to Secure Crop Yields in Less Favourable Areas of Production:

Good quality seed of suitable varieties helped in securing higher crop yields. In disaster region E.g M-35-1 drought resistant variety in Jawar served as a boon in drought prone area in rainy season.

4) Improved Seed is a Medium for Rapid Rehabilitation of Agriculture in case of Natural Disaster:

   In the wide spread droughts and floods, it is much economical if government had National Seed Reserve Stock (NSRS) at their disposal. NSRS plays two fold roles. i) It provide improved seed in emergency period in production areas, and ii) To supply seed for resowing in disaster region (Normally which is not available with farmer in time).

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