Rural Government (Grampanchayat)

Rural Government (Grampanchayat)

Government is a group of people who possess the power to rule in given area.

Necessity of Government:

Government is a political institution, Government administers the regulatory function of law and order and maintains security in society, it provides both the means for regulating the behavior of individuals within society in accordance with required norms and protection from external accordance with required norms. It is essential to have all over the control over individual, group organization and institution societies. It is possible to handle most of the things when societies are small however as society increases in size of area and population it become difficult to control and there is need of Government is increased.

Forms of Government:

There are two forms of Government:

1. Democratic:

In democracy the political power is in hands of people. There are various political organizations and they trying to capture the local control.

2. Automatic:

In autocracy power is in hands of one or few person. The concentration of power is in one or few person. It is not dependent upon the consent of the people but upon the capacity of few persons to achieve the control by various ways.


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