Rural Sociology

Rural Sociology

Rural sociology it is made of two terms. Rural arid sociology, sociology it is limited to the study of various aspects of rural society, Rural area where agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Rural area is the area where population is less than 5000.

Rural sociology studies the rural life and the development in rural life. Rural sociology is the science, which studies the structure and functioning of rural society. Different sociologist and social thinkers have defined rural sociology in different ways.

As defined by Sanderson "Rural sociology is the sociology of rural life in the rural environment.

Bertrand in its broadest definition, defined rural sociology is the study of human relationship in rural environment.

According to F Stant Chapin has defined "The sociology of rural life is the study of rural population, rural social organization and the social processes operative in rural society".

Supporting this view T. L. Smith says "Some investigators study social phenomenon that are present only in or largely confined to the rural environment to persons engaged in agricultural occupation. Such sociological facts and principles as are derived from the study of the rural social relationship may be referred to as rural sociology".

According to A. R. Desai "Rural sociology is the science of rural society. The laws of the structure and development of rural governing society"

Rural sociology is the study of the sociology of life in rural environment which systematically studies rural communities to discover heir conditions and tendencies and to formulate to discover principles of progress. Rural sociology is therefore the study of rural environment and social facts and social interactions that are found in rural society. As a scientific study it studies the social organizations, structures and set up. It provides us in that knowledge about the rural social phenomenon which can helps us in making contribution to the development of rural sociology.

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