Scope of Biological Control

Scope of Biological Control

In the years ahead, workers in Biological control of insects, mites and seed pest suppression must continue to deepen and broaden their efforts, as this field has received great enthusiastic acclaim during past century. These research workers showed successful practical results in more than 60 countries of the world. The partially exploited field has several dimension of future scope.

1. Promoting Basic Research:

There is lot of scope to intensify the studies which can improve and synergize the biological control. Basic research areas in the field of biology, ecology, biosystematics, behavior, biochemistry, population dynamics etc. have great contributing value to biological suppression which needs to be studied. This studio would help grenuy in the application of IPM strategies of the pest.

2. Scope to Exploit the Bioagent on Crop Pest:

About 98 % of the insects pests are regulated naturally through natural enemies. However, it is reported that only 5% of the world insect pest species have ever been the subject of entomophage introduction (DeBack, 1974). It is estimated that 70% of parasitic hymenoptera are still undescribed species.

3. Help to Reduce Pollution Hazards:

Utilization of bioagent can help in establishment of population regulation process of serious pests by reducing the load of toxic insecticides and their side effects.

4. Necessity to Intensify of New Horizons of Biological Control:

Importation and use of parasitoids and predators is popular concept of biological control, which gave good success in several cases. Similarly new trends such as use of biotypes, strains, hybrids of parasites, use of novel biopesticides like entomogenous fungi, viruses are to be search properly and its harmonious use in pest suppression needs to be exploited.

5. Adoption of Biological Control Methods in Agro Industries:

Although use of bioagent has many benefits but there is need to adjust with other methods like chemical control of pest. The pesticides should be less toxic to natural enemies and needs to be identified and employed in pest control suppression. For example, Endosulfan safe to many predators and social insects.
Biological control helps in maintaining Balance of Nature’ as it is the phase of natural control.

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