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Scope of Farm Management

Farm management comes under Micro economics. It concentrates on the study of individual farm; hence, it comes under Micro- economics. Farm Management covers the aspects, like efficiency of the crop kind of crops to be grown, the doses of fertilizers to be given, the implements to be used etc.
The farm management subject covers the aspects such as research, teaching and extension.

A) Research:
The economic problems faced by the farmers needs to be studied. The data are to be recorded. In farm management we study the problems of the cultivators critically and give solution. In research, we cover the following points.

  1. Input output co-efficiency

  2. Comparative economics of various enterprises

  3. Formulation of standard farm plan, optimum cropping pattern for different areas and types of farming.

  4. Develop suitable models of mechanization & modernization.

  5. Evaluation of April prices.

B) Teaching: Farm Management is a younger discipline. Almost in all Agril Universities, this course is taught at undergraduate level as a compulsory subject. This subject is also taught at M. Sc. and Ph.D. level.

C) Extension:
The results of the farm management should be known by the cultivators. They should be trained through demonstrations, Shetkari Melava. Short courses in Farm Management for progressive farmers in various types of farm enterprises needs to be conducted.
Thus, research, teaching and extension help for improving the agril income and ultimately the standard of living of the cultivators.

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