Scope of Fruit Production

Scope of Fruit Production

1. Need to Increase Production to Meet Dietary Requirements:

The per capita consumption of fruits in India is very low e.g. USA 202kg/capita / year, Pakistan 100 kg/ capital/ year and India 10 kg / capita year. The low consumption of fruits is only due to very small fraction of the total cropped area under fruits. India needs to step up the production of fruits till the country becomes self sufficient and process of fruit fall to the level at which both rich and poor can afford to buy. The prices of fruits are so high, as to keep fresh fruits out of reach of large population with more efficient production and marketing, the price could be reduced as to increase consumption of fruits and still provide good profits to the grower.

2. Increasing Irrigation Facilities in Maharashtra:

Most of the commercial fruit tress requires perennial irrigation. The area receiving perennial irrigation which was 6% in 1960 reached a level of 12.5 to 13% today. By exploiting all the resources the maximum area that can be brought under irrigation would be 25% of the total cropped area. Thus, there is still scope to increasing irrigated area in near future as government is giving priorities to such to works. This would be definitely help to increase area under fruit crops.

3. Scope for Increasing Area Under Dry Land Fruits:

It is not entirely true that all the fruits enquire perennial irrigation. There are many fruit trees like ber,, custard apple , cashew nut, anola etc. which are hardly in nature and can be grown purely under rain fed condition. In India 86 million ha and in Maharashtra 35 lakh ha land is available for development of sound technology of rained horticulture; there is good scope to put these lands under dry land fruit crps. This would also be necessary to arrest shrinkage of land available for cultivation on per capita basis due to population pressure.

4. Increasing Urbanization and Charge in Food Habits:

Increasing urbanization due to industrial growth has increased demands for fruits. Change in food habits is also being noticed due to education and assured income which has also helped in increasing demands for fruits.

5. Increased Transport Facilities:

Most of the fruits are highly perishable, having less storage life and need quick disposal after harvest. Lack of good transportation system was one of the major constraints in are expansion of fruits.  However, now a days quick transport facilities by road rail and air are available enabling growers to transport fruits, to long distance markers in good condition in a short period of time. Increasing in transport facilities in transport facilities provide scope for fruit farming.

6. Increasing in Cold Storage Facilities and Pre- Colling Center:

Fruits have highly perishable and have less shelf- life. During the peak harvest periods. The market gluts reduce prices of fruits. Cold storage facilities help to regulate market supply and stabiles the rates. Similarly, to extend shelf life, pre cooling after harvest is necessary. Govt of Maharashtra and also other agencies providing funds for developing these facilities in production centers. This would help to increase more area under fruit in the year to come.

7. Scope for Agro- Based Industries:

Even after o much of industrial progress, country depends on agricultural sectors for employment is gong to come from agricultural sectors. Development of agro- based industries to generate employment is a must to keep our economy on sound footing. Besides sugarcane fruit farming is the only area where is a potential to develop agro-based industries like canning and preservation and hence, the scope in near future

8. Development of New Techniques:

Use of growth regulators, insitu grafting, drip irrigation for water economy, tissue culture special horticultural practices like ringing, girdling, notching, Bahar treatment, high density planting etc. have helped to increase productivity and also  o bring more lands under cultivation.

9. Evaluation of New High Yielding Varieties and Introduction of New Crops:

Development of high yielding of fruit like pomegranate, ganash, P-23, P-26, G-137 , mango – ratna, Amravati, malika, sindhur, grapes- Thompson seedless , guava- sardar, (L-49, cashew nut- vengurla No. 1,2,3,4 and 5 have to bring more area under fruits. Similarly, introduction of commercial cultivation of some of the new crops like ber anola etc. would also indicate scope for area expansion.

10. Availability of Loan Facilities:

Fruit crops being capital intensive, lack of capital was one of the major bundles in the expansion. Now a days there are several cooperative and commercial banks providing finance for fruit farming which has increased the scope for it.

11. Government Incentive:

Realizing the need for area expansion of fruit crops, the governments of Maharashtra have started a very ambitious programme of fruit development under which it gives 100% subsidy to marginal farmers and farmers from backward communities and 70% subsidy for others on establishment and Maintences of fruit orchard for a period of 3 years. This would increase the area under fruits. It is expected that due to this pregame, the area under fruits in Maharashtra by 94-95 would be 558000 hectares.

12. Scope for Export of Fruits:

Market surveys in Europe and other markets have revealed that is a good scope or export of grapes, mango, banana, pomegranate, citrus, ber, cashew to gulf and European markers. The availability of these markets would be increase area under these fruits.

13. Availability of cheap labour.

14. Very high production of fruits.

15. Suitability of climate for fruits are some of the other factors indicating scope for fruits.

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