Scope of Rural Sociology in India

Scope of Rural Sociology in India

India is an agricultural country and village is a basic and important unit of the society. After independence the process of rural reconstruction was started and importance of the rural sociology was recognized. The need of development of the villages and speed of education in the villages were understood and to achieve this community development programme was started. It can be achieved when the planners and administrator correct knowledge of the rural life.

1. It is very essential to develop village because India’s development depends upon the progress of the villages.

2. India is agriculture country and poverty can be removed through improvement in agriculture.

3. Solutions of rural problems can bring the change in the rural society.

4. The country and its society can be reconstructed only through rural developments.

5. For successful implementation of democratic decentralization the village community is to be studied in detail.

6. Rural sociology can help to organize the disorganized Indian in detail.

7. The extension worker must know the rural culture, rural institutions, problems, resources etc. for successful transfer of technology for improvement of agriculture. It can be achieved through the study of rural sociology.

8. Through the technology and communication methods are known to the extension workers. The study of rural sociology helps the extension worker to transfer the technology.

9. For successful implementation of the community development programmes the knowledge of rural sociology is very essential.

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