Scope of Vegetable Growing in India

Scope of Vegetable Growing in India

1) List of Indian Man:

One of the reasons for low agricultural production in India as "Low working capacity" of the majority 6f the population. At present the diet of an average Indian is ill balanced. It consists mainly of cereals. On an average we consume 375 gms of cereals, and only 30 gms of vegetables daily, as. against 328 gms of cereals, 316 gms of vegetables- and 362 gms of fruits advanced countries. The dietitians recommend the consumption of at least 200 gms of leafy vegetables and 150 gms of root vegetable daily for .balanced diet. Thus to improve our diet, we should necessarily increase the vegetable production.

2) Area Under Vegetable Crops:

At present, greater than 70 % of our population is engaged in Agriculture over an area of 320 million acres. Out of this hardly about 1-2 percent of the total cultivated area is under vegetable crops. These figures showed the necessity of vegetable cultivation on larger, area.

3) Higher yield from vegetable crops:

On an average, the yield-of vegetable crop is about 5 to.10 times more than these of cereals. They are quick growing and shorter duration. Therefore it is time now, to take up the intensive and multiple vegetable cropping in India.

4) Present Agricultural policies:

Recently more attention is being devoted to increase the. Agricultural production. This is being implemented through crash programmers, emergency and applied programmers, for this good seeds,, irrigation facilities, knowledge of improved techniques of cultivation, proper plant protection measures quick transport, and better storage facilities are being made available through these programs.

5) As literacy increase in our country people realize the nutritional importance of vegetable in daily diet which results in increasing demand for vegetable in our country.

6) Due to construction of new irrigation projects lifting irrigation scheme & community well, irrigation facilities are increasing which help to increase area and production of vegetable.

7) Due to increase in fertilizer industries and their capacity of production, there is lot of scope for vegetable production.

8) National Seed Corporation of India, Indian Agricultural Research Institute. New Delhi, & Agricultural Universities of country-predicting & distributing pure seeds of improved varieties of different vegetable o all part of country.

9) Due to availability of cold storage, facility (in some part of country, it will possible for cultivator of that part share his produce in cold storage after harvesting.

10) The auto-ruck has also made it possible for a vegetable producer to take advantage of selling his produce to distant markets.

11) When there is large production of any vegetable the price rates in market come down for that vegetable. Naturally cultivator does not get more- income. But through preservation cultivator can get more price.

In this way there is vast scope for vegetable growing in India.

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