Seed Selection, Seed Rate and Spacing for Potato Planting

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Seed Selection, Seed Rate and Spacing for Potato Planting

Seed (set) Selection:

1. Potato propagated by means of tubers.
2. Tuber should be true-to-type or genetically pure.
3. It should be free from infestation of best and diseases like tuber moth, bacterial wilt (ring disease) and viruses.
4. In M.S. seed potatoes should be brought from simla region after every two seasons as they are free from bacterial wilt and viral diseases.
5. It should be healthy, well matured and uniform in size.
6. Each tuber should have two to three sprouted buds.
7. It requires a rest period of about 2.5 to 3 months before they can be used for seed.
8. Medium to big sized tuber should be used for planting.
9. Medium sized tubers are plated whole while big sized tubers are cut into pieces, each about 30 gm in weight and having 2 to 3 sprouted buds.

Seed Rate:

1. Whole tubers          –           15 to 22.5 qt/ha.
2. Cut tubers             –           15 to 20 qt/ha.


35 – 45 c, x 15 – 22.5cm.

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