Seed Testing and Seed Certification and Storage of Seed of Forest Trees

Seed Testing and Seed Certification and Storage of Seed of Forest Trees

Seed Testing:

Purity of the seeds and viability of the seeds is tested through the germination test. Viability of seed is its capacity to retain germination ability after harvest.

Viability is tested by

a) Germination Test: In which the seeds are kept in tissue paper under controlled conditions of temperature, light and relative humidity. The per cent count gives the germination percentage. The germination percentage various from the species to species for ex. Casurina, Shivan, Shirish, Salai, Kashid, Eucalyptus record 85-90% germination while Shisam 40-60%, Teak 60%, Arjun 50-60%, Australian Babul 50-70%, Neem 40%, Vilayti babul 40-60%

b) Tetrazolium Test: The seeds are treated with Tetrazolium bromide solution, the red staining in embryo shows viable seeds.

c) Excised Embryo Test: The embryos of some seeds cut open to see whether they are viable and in good condition.

Seed Certification:

The seed certification is done by competent, authority obtaining information from seed producing and supplying authority. The information is a filled up in particular pro forma which shows the origin of seed from where the seeds are collected and parents trees from which the seeds are collected. Dates of packing, Germination % etc. is mentioned in the form.
Seed Storage and Seed Treatments:

The ability of seeds to remain viable under natural conditions varies greatly. Hard impermeable seed coats of many legumes such as Acacia species have long viability if kept dry and free from insect and rodent damage.

The seeds are stored at low temperature 2 to 5°c in the cold storage in which they best retain germination capacity during the interval between collection and sowing, to protect seeds from damage by rodent, birds, and insects and to preserve quantities of seeds collected during years of heavy seed crops to use during years of little or no crop.

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