Seed Testing Laboratory

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Seed Testing Laboratory

The seed testing laboratory is the hub of seed quality control. Seed testing services are required from time to time to gain information regarding planting value of seed lots. To carry out these responsibilities effectively, it is necessary that seed testing laboratories are established, manned and equipped in a manner such that whatever samples are received could be analysed in the least possible time, so that the seed quality control work and the need of seed industry are effectively met.
Kahre et al. (1975) has listed the following conditions that are essential for ensuring good seed testing work.

1. A highly responsible staff which must continue to work conscientiously when the person in charge is away.
 2. Uniformity of equipment, procedures and interpretations. In other words, consistently good facilities and skilled analysts.
3. Good service, that is, prompt analysis and a cooperative spirit among employees.
4. Leaders with a scientific background to give advice to all types of customers and to furnish explanatory remarks in reports, when necessary, to those who submit samples.
5. Promotion of research, leading to improvement of the whole seed programme, especially of testing procedures, with practical questions being submitted for scientific analysis.

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