Selection of Sets and Sets Rate for Sugarcane Cultivation

Selection of Sets and Sets Rate for Sugarcane Cultivation

Selection of Sets for Planting (Quality of Sets)

1. Commonly sugarcane is propagated by using cane sets.
2. Preferably sets should be taken from well managed nursery.
3. Sets should be free from pests and diseases.
4. Sets should be selected from the crop of 8 to 11 months age.
5. Sets should be taking from thick, succulent canes having swollen eye buds.
6. Sets should be taking from plant cane, top shoots and water shoots.
7. Usually three bud sets are used for planting but, single bud or two bud sets may be used.
8. Now a day’s seedlings produced by tissue culture technique are used as planting material. The tissue culture seedlings are uniform in growth disease free and give high yield and recovery.
9. Sets should not be taken from over matured crop having dry scale bud lodged, flowered and ratoon crop.
10. Injured sets should not be used for planting.
11. Do not use sets from more than two days harvested cane crop.

Set Rate (Quantity of Sets):

1. Quantity of sets depends upon source of water and type of soil.
2. It is 25000 to 30000 three eye bud sets/ha.
3. On an average 25000 sets are sufficient for panting under canal irrigation.
4. Close spacing is followed under well irrigation so, the set requirement upto 30000 sets/ha.

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