Selection of Site for Fruits and Preservation Units

Selection of Site for Fruits and Preservation Units

In selecting sit for the factory, the following points should be considered carefully.

i) Adequate quantities of the right type of fruits and vegetables should be readily available in the locality, as fruits and vegetables are highly perishable and deteriorate in long distance transport.

ii) There should exist proper transport facilities for the movement of raw materials and finished products.

iii) The environments should be clean and free from debris, dust etc. as far as possible.

iv) The site should be at a considerable distance from other industrial factories spreading soot, smoke and disagreeable odours which will affect adversely the quality of the canned product.

v) There should also be facilities to dispose of the cannary waste.

vi) There should be scope for future expansion of the factory.
vii) There should be abundant supply of potable water, as large quantities of water required for cleaning fruits and vegetables, making syrup and brine, washing floors and machinery, etc.

viii) As far as possible the site should be in a industrial development area, as there Government provides most of the facilities in cheaper rate.

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