Sewagram Attempt

Sewagram Attempt

It was started under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi as All India Spinners Association in 1920 and later as All India Village Industries Association at Wardha in 1933. Gandhi believed that the ‘Salvation of India lies in Cottages’.

The Key Words of his Economy were:

1. Decentralize production and equal distribution of wealth and

2. Self sufficiency of Indian Villages.


1. To provide service to the under privileged.

2. To achieve self dependency.

3. To provide basic education to people.


His 18 points programme for emancipation of villages included:

1. Promotion of village industries.

2. Basic and adult education.

3. Rural sanitation.

4. Upliftment of backward communities.

5.  Upliftment of women.

6. Education in public health and hygiene.

7. Propagation of national language.

8. Love for the mother tongue.

9. Economic equality.1Organization of Kisans, Labours, Students and so on.

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