Shelter Belt and Wind Break

Shelter Belt and Wind Break

 Shelter Belt:

These are belts / blocks consisting of several rows of trees established at right the purposes are:

(a) To deflect air currents
(b) To reduce the velocity of winds.
(c) To provide general protection to the leeward areas against the effects of wind erosion.
(d) To protect the leeward areas from desiccating effects of hot wind.
(e) To provide fuel, fodder timber etc.
Characteristics of Shelter Belts:

a) Shape and Composition: Shelterbelts have a spiracle, triangular shape by raising tall trees in the centre.
b) Density and Width: Shelterbelts up to 50m width are considered ideal under Indian conditions. A certain degree of penetration by wind is planned.
c. Orientation: Orientation depends on the direction and velocity of the winds.
4. Length: The minimum length of a shelterbelt should be about 25 times its height.

Dodonaia viscosa, Cassia sp., Clerodendron, Acacia arabica, Dalbergia, Eucalyptus, Parkinsonia, Prosopis etc.

Wind – Break:

Wind-breaks are strips of trees and or shrubs planted to protect fields, homes cannels or other areas from wind and blowing soil or sand.

Purpose of Raising Wind Breaks:

1) To protect field crops / livestock from cold / hot wind.
2) To prevent soil erosion.
3) To reduce evaporation from farmlands.
4) To improve the microclimate.
5) For fencing and boundary demarcation.
6) For productive role-fuel, fodder, etc.

Main Features of Wind Break:

a) Permeability:

 The primary purpose of raising windbreaks is to filter and break up the force of the wind. Permeable windbreaks, which allow some wind to pass through, are the most suitable. The desired permeability can be obtained by carefully selecting trees and shrub species. Species such as Eucalypru and Casuarina will form dense mind break but most native species are more permeable.

b) Orientation:

 For best results, wind-breaks should be-raised at right angles to the direction of wind. N – S direction is good compromise. They should give better shading of adjacent crops and pastures.

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