Silvicultural Accessory Systems

Silvicultural Accessory Systems

Silviculture System in which irregular felling or two storeyed high forests is observed.

a) Two Storied High Forest:

Silviculture System which result in the formation of a two storeyed forest with specific objectives
1) Protection of soil
2) For increasing the proportion of valuable species in the moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests
3) For propagation of species which cannot be raised in open.


1) Protection of soil
2) Increasing production by growing two crops on same area
3) Protection for tender regenerated plants
4) To change the species gradually
5) To provide for a vertical mixture in species composition
6) To obtain early returns

Disadvantages of Two Storied High Forest:

1) Under planting is difficult task
2) Damages to under storey during felling of upper one
3) Under storey crop may affect growth of upper storey

b) High Forest with Reserves System:

Silviculture System in which selected trees of the crop being regenerated is retained for part or whole of the second rotation, in order to produce large sized timber.
c) Improvement Felling:

As the method of treatment involving essentially the removal of inferior growing stock in the interest of better growth and the more valuable individuals. It is usually applied to mixed uneven aged forests.

Felling of dead, dying and diseased trees, Un-saleable unsound over mature trees removal, badly shapes or unsound tree felling, Felling and congested groups of fallen trees, Removal of undesirable undergrowth/inferior trees, Climber cuttings.

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