Silviculture is an important subject of forestry. It is tie forestry as Agronomy in to agriculture, in that it is concerned with the technology of crop production.  It has been defined in a number of ways. Following are the accepted definitions of silviculture.

1. Silviculture is that branch of forestry which deals with the establishment, development, care and reproduction of stands of timber. By Tourney and Karstien

2. Silviculture is the art and science of cultivating forest crops. By Indian Forest and forest products Teminology (1957)

3. Generally, The science and art of cultivating (e.g. growing and tending) of forest crops, based on a knowledge of silvios. More particularly, the theory and practice of establishment, composition, constitution and growth of forests. By Society of American Foresters (1983)

4. Silviculture refers to certain aspects of theory and practice of raising forest crops, methods of raising tree crops, their growth and after care up to the time of final harvesting. By Rao (1987)

In simple words, Silviculture is the growing and tending stands of trees. Silva is the Latin word for forest and culture for cultivation. Therefore, without exaggeration, Silviculture is the Real art of forest.

Silviculture is very important and essential when human beings wish to manage the forests.

a. To accelerate the wildlife, timber and forage production.
b. To increase the Recreation values and Watershed values.

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