Site Preparation for Regeneration of Forest

Site Preparation for Regeneration of Forest

The site preparation is used to create an environment suitable for establishing the desired tree species

1) To get rid-off logging slash or other debris
2) Reducing competition and animal habitat
3) To prepare a mineral soil seedbed
4) To improve drainage of surface and upper soil horizons and reduce the compaction
5) To create a more favorable micro site on harsh sites
6) To take measure to control disease.

Site Preparation Methods:

Following four methods of the site preparation are commonly used all over the world:

i) Mechanical
ii) Prescribed Burning
iii) Chemical and
iv) Combinations of the three.

i) Mechanical Method of Site Preparation for Regeneration: There are several methods employed for carrying out the site preparation mechanically. Following are some of the common mechanical methods:

a) Logging: This is the most common practiced method of site preparation. In this method, logging equipment is used for removing the vegetation and slash.

b) Scalping: This is nothing but the site preparation by hand cleaning.

c) Mechanical Cleaning: In this method self-propelled or the tractor drawn equipment are used.

ii) Prescribed Burning: Fire is a nature’s principal method of preparing sites for a new stand.

iii) Chemical Method: The herbicides may be used in new burns and the cuttings, non or poorly stocked parts of plantations, or in existing bushy fields.

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