Soil and Water Conservation Methods

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Soil And Water Conservation Methods

The loss of soil and water under natural vegetation is the lowest. But lands must be cultivated and grown with crops to produce food. This can be done without much harm to the soil if proper soil and water conservation methods are followed. Such methods aim at encouraging water to infiltrate into the soil, reduce its velocity and check run off losses.

The most common soil and water conservation methods are

A) Management practice viz.

a) Strip cropping,
b) Mulching,
c) Crop rotation,
d) Contour cultivation,
e) Planting of grasses for stabilizing bunds,
f) Planting of trees and a forestation,
g) Cashew nut plantation, and
B) Mechanical practices such as
a) Bunding,
b) Terracing,
c) Gully or nala control,
d) Control of stream and river banks.

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