Soil Test Crop Responsible Correlation

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Soil Test Crop Responsible Correlation


1. Soil available N, P, K.
2. Crop Yields
3. Uptake of N, P, K
4. Fertilizer applied.

Basic Factors:

1. Nutrient requirement (NR)      Uptake of nutrient                                            
(Kg of nutrient required           = kg/ha from grain and Straw
Per quintal of grain                __________________________
Production                                      Grain yield quintal /ha

2. Percent Contribution              Uptake of nutrient in kg/ha
From soil to total                          from grain and straw
Nutrient uptake (C.S)          = _________________________ X 100
                                                    Available soil test values for
                                                     Nutrient from controlled plots (Kg/ha)
3. Percent nutrient contribution
From fertilizer to total uptake (C.F) Available soil test values X % country from soil. 
                                                            Kg/for nutrient 
In Kg/ha from grain and straw
C.F =                                            __________________________________________
                                                              Fertilizer nutrient applied (kg/ha)

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