Some of the Commonly Grown Cactus

Some of the Commonly Grown Cactus

1. Aporocactus flagelliformis (Rat-tail cactus) –Stems slender, closely ribbed.  Flowers crimson.

2. Astorophytum asterias (Bishop`s cap)-Low, 5 ribbed arcades, spineless, flowers yellow.

3. Cophacocercus senilis (Old man cactus) – The entire column is covered by long grey hairs.
4. Chamaecorcus silvestrii – Short cylindrical green stems in clusters covered with soft white spines. Flowers orange scarlet.
5. Coryphantha echinus – Small ball like globular plant with numerous white radial spines, flowers are yellow.

6. Echinocactus grusonii ( Golden barrel ) – This develops into a giant globe of about 1 m diameter, numerously ribbed, covered with golden yellow spines, Flowers are yellow.

7. Echinopsis hamatacantha – Flowers open at night.
8. Espostoa lanata (Peruvian old man) – Plants columnar 2-4 m high, stems covered with cotton like white hairs, flowers pinkish.

9. Gymnocalycium (Chin cactus) – Globular plant having few ribs. Flowers are large and are white, pink.

10. Manamillaria bocasana (Powder puff) – Small round, plant is covered with silky white hairs. Flowers are white.

11. Notocactus haselbergii – a beautiful small globular species having 30 low ribs, silvery white spines. Flowers are orange red.

12. Opuntia tomentosa – Grows to a tree (3.5 m tall) joints fleshy thick; flowers yellow, carmine; red fruits at the apex look ornamental.

13. Parodia aurgispina (Tom Thumb) – A small bluish green plant with white spine, flowers golden yellow.

14. Rebutia fiebrigii – A small plant, globose to cylindrical, spines white, flowers vermillion.

15. Selonicereus qrandiflorus – Stems are clambering, 2.5 cm diameter; night bloomer; flowers white inside, salmon outside.  Powerful vanilla smell.

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