Sowing Time, Sowing Direction and Sowing Depth for Wheat Cultivation

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Sowing Time, Sowing Direction and Sowing Depth for Wheat Cultivation

Sowing Time:

1. The sowing time of wheat depend upon temperature, type of cultivation i.e. dry or irrigated and duration of wheat varieties.
2. In Maharashtra optimum sowing time is late October to early November.
3. Usually rainfed crop is sown from 15th to 30th October and irrigated crop from 1st to 15th November.
4. Early October sowing when day temperatures are high results in mortality of seedling due to foot rot or root rot disease.
5. While late sowing in last week of November of December give low yield.
6. However the right time of sowing of wheat is early winter when freezing of coconut oil starts.

Sowing Direction:

1. Basically wheat is a long day crop but in winter day period is short hence sowing direction should be such that would allow maximum interception of sunlight and promote.
2. During winter direction of sun over India is south-south-east to west-north-west.
3. Therefore sowing is done north-north-east or north-south direction to get higher yield.

Sowing Depth:

1. Wheat seed should be placed in a moist zone for better germination and establishment of seedling.
2. Under rainfed condition when crop taken on residual moisture sowing is done at 8 to 10 cm depth.
3. Under irrigation condition the sowing is done at 3 to 5 cm depth after pre-sowing irrigation.
4. Dwarf Mexican wheat varieties have a very short coleoptiles and hence sown only upto 5 cm depth.

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