Special Weeds in Cropped Areas – Hariyali (Cynodon ductylon)

Special Weeds in Cropped Areas – Hariyali (Cynodon ductylon)

Hariyali Doom Grass/ Bermuda Grass (Cynodon ductylon):

It is perennial weed produced from root stock stolons and rarely from seeds. Root stock forms dense inside the soil. It is main weed of kharif crops.


Shallow summer tillage during April, May and June exposing the root stock to Sun and dessication is effective in dry climate.

Application of Dalapon and Amitrol @ 2 kg/ha. Dalapon is applied twice after each ploughing with mould board and 2nd in beginning of June before Monsoon starts. Crops like Maize, Cotton can be planted 2 weeks after application of Dalapan. Amitrol also can be used to treat weeds in irrigation channels, field boundaries and waste places separately.

Other Herbicides:

Paraquat (highly susceptible 1 kg a.i. / ha two weeds before start of summer tillage.)
Attrazine pre – emergence. Spot treatment with MSMA, DSMA, Amitrol – T and Dalapon is effective in wide spaced crops.

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