Spore Fruit in Fungi

Spore Fruit in Fungi

A spore fruit is an aggregation or collection of spores and spores bearing hyphae, sometimes naked but frequent enclosed in various types of containers or spore cases or receptacles. The spores fruit have a thick wall known as peridium. There are two types of spores fruit based on whether spore fruit contains the sexual spore or asexual spores.

Spore Fruit:

i) Asexual

a. Sporangium
b. Coremium
c. Sporodochium
d. Sorus
e. Pycnidium
f. Aecium
g. Acervulus
h. Pycnium

ii) Sexual:
a. Ascocarps E.g. Cleistothecium
b. Basidiocarps E.g. Puffballs

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