Structure of Thorax and its Processes

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Structure of Thorax and its Processes

Thorax consists of three segments viz. Prothorax, mesothorax and metathorax. Each of these segment differentiated into dorsal region called tergum or notum ventral region called sternum and lateral region called pleuron on each side. The sclerites composing these respective regions termed as sternites and pleurites.
The sclerites of a thoracic segment:

1. Tergite form the dorsal Notum is divisible into – (A) Pre-scutum (B) Scutum (C) Scutellum.

2. Sternite constitutes the ventral side and is divisible into – (A) Pre-sternum (B) Basi-sternum (C) Sternellum.

3. Pleurite on each lateral side is divisible into – (A) Episternum (anterior) (B) Epimeron (posterior)

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