Sugarcane Sets Treatment for Sugarcane Plantation


Sugarcane Sets Treatment for Sugarcane Plantation

Sugarcane sets are treated before planting by different ways depending upon the condition of planting material.

1. 1 % Fish Oil Rosin Soap Treatment: The sets are treated with 1 % fish oil rosin shop solution to stop spread of mealy bugs and scale insects.

2.  6 % Mercurial Fungicide Treatment: The sets are dipped for 2 to 3 minutes in a solution of 6 % mercurial fungicide like agallol or cerasan @ 500 gm. In 100 liter water. This treatment helps to prevent set borne diseases like smut and to improve germination.

3. Hot Water Treatment: The sets are kept in hot water at 50 0 C temperature for two hours to control red-rot, grassy shoots and other virus diseases.

4. Azotobacter Treatment: Just before planting sets are dipped in azotobacter inoculant solution which is prepared by mixing 5 kg. azotobacter inoculants in 100 liter water for 2 to 3 minutes. This treatment helps in good germination and save nitrogenous fertilizers.

5. Lime Water Treatment: Sets are soaked in lime water solution prepared by dissolving 500 g lime in 200 liter water for 24 hrs to improve germination. This treatment is given only when dry scaled bud sets and staled cane sets are used for planting.