Suspension Culture and Its Principle

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Suspension Culture and Its Principle


It is a type of culture in which single cell or small aggregates of cells multiply while suspended in agitated liquid medium.

It is also referred to as cell cultures or cell suspension culture.


Callus proliferates as an unorganised mass of cells. So it is very difficult to follow many cellular events during its growth and developmental phases. To overcome such limitation of callus culture, the cultivation of free cells as well as small cell aggregates in a chemically defined liquid medium as a suspension was initiated to study the morphological and biochemical changes during their growth and developmental phases. To achieve an ideal cell suspension, most commonly a friable callus is transferred to agitated liquid medium where it breaks up and disperses. After eliminating the large callus pieces, only single cells and small cell aggregates are again transferred to fresh medium and after two to three weeks a suspension of actively growing cells is produced. Ideally suspension culture should consist of only single cells which are physiologically and biochemically uniform.

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