Symptoms Produced by Mycoplasma like Organisms (MLOs) in Plants

Symptoms Produced by Mycoplasma like Organisms (MLOs) in Plants

1. Mycoplasma like bodies are now stated to be occur in more than 60 to 70 plant diseases, which are characterised by the growth abnormalities and yellowing of leaves.

2. Characteristic symptom of yellow type disease includes uniform yellowing or reddening of leaves, smaller leaves, shortening of internodes, stunting of plants and proliferation of auxiliary bud. 

3. “Witch brooms” includes reduction of leaf size with leaves becoming brittle, excessive proliferation of shoots.

4. “Phyllody” replacement of floral parts of leaves greening or sterility of flowers and reduced yield. Finally more or less rapid dieback, decline and disorder after several years.

5. MLOs are mostly restricted to phloem tissue becomes; a phloem may provide favourable conditions for growth as phloem elements have a high osmotic pressure and slightly alkaline PH.

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